5 Top Tips to Help Children Sleep

We all know that a good night's rest isn’t always at the top of most children's agenda. That said, no one wants bedtime to be mission impossible every single evening. That’s why we are sharing our 5 top tips to help children sleep and drift off to dreamland, night in, night out.

Routines will be your best friend
The word ‘routine’ can often sound a little rigid and can be especially difficult to implement when young ones are involved, however starting off small can have greater impacts than you may think.

Invite only light playtime after dinner, followed by a bath, brushing teeth, a bedtime story then bed. By having more of a comforting and relaxing schedule, you may notice your child starts to become sleepy as they are aware it’s time to settle down.

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Create a chilled out environment
Soft sheets, a dim room and a quieter atmosphere are things to strive for to help children sleep.

Providing these essentials can really help your children differentiate between day and night. Having the lights either dimmed or off is important to create an ideal bedtime atmosphere, as this helps reduce distractions in the room. Having a cuddly toy can also be beneficial to help children sleep as their cosy companion makes them feel safe and secure.

Try to reduce screen time
We won’t take you on a trip back to biology class, however, our much needed friend, Melatonin is a vital part of helping us get to sleep. When melatonin levels are at their peak, most people are sleepy and ready for bed. We recommend making your children's evening routine a screen-free zone. The blue light from things such as television screens, phones or computer monitors can interfere with the production of the hormone melatonin, keeping them awake past bedtime.

Reduce the focus on sleep
Sometimes, being told to do something right away can be overwhelming, especially for children who have trouble shutting their brains off for the night. Instead of enforcing bedtime immediately, try reading a book or create a storyline around their favourite microwavable cuddly toys.

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They don’t need to be alone
Bedtime can be a scary time for little ones, especially if they are alone in their room. A great way to help them feel less scared is by offering them a warm, fluffy companion.

Microwavable soft toys are known to help children sleep, due to their calming benefits. The heat emitting off of their cosy companions promotes blood flow, meaning more oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells are carried around the body. This increases the rate of healing injuries too...perfect for those little grazed knees from the playground.

Warmies® microwavable soft toys include benefits of lavender, heat and weight and can completely transform children's sleep.

We know that every child is different. That’s why we have an extensive range of these cuddly companions to choose from, so that your children have the perfect sleep companion.