Our Story

Our Story

Better Living

Warmies® was founded on a very simple premise, that everyone might experience comfort in their everyday life.

Inspiring wellbeing is at the heart of what we do. Being mindful of wellness leads to better living. Our products

provide soothing warmth and aromatic comfort for all ages, are safe for all ages and are loved by all ages. Warmies® are

fully heatable, incredibly comfortable, and feel amazing. They provide stress and anxiety relief, promote restful sleep, and

are perfectly weighted to provide a calming and positive sensory experience.

Mindfully Natural

For centuries lavender has been synonymous with tranquillity, relaxation, serenity, soothing and calm.

Warmies® contain just the right amount of REAL dried French Lavender, sourced from growers in Provence, France.

We Are Warmies®

From our engaging designs, luxurious fabrics, lavender farms in Provence, affordable pricing, state of the art manufacturing facilities,

impeccable safety record and charitable endeavours, everything we do is with your comfort in mind. For almost 30 years we have been true to this

belief and feel blessed for the millions of people we have touched. From our company’s inception, selling a fully microwavable, French Lavender and

organic filled heat pack, to today, with hundreds of fully heatable stuffed animals and wellness gifts, Warmies® sets the standard for comfort and wellness.

It’s no secret that Warmies® are loved around the world. We invite you to experience the comfort of Warmies® and become part of our big comfy family!