5 ways to warm them Back to School

 2021 - what a year it's been. As the long, warm summer nights draw shorter and cooler, it only means one thing - it's back to school time, already. This year, and last, are the strangest on record for a long, long time. Our children have adapted so incredibly well throughout these unprecedented times, and it's made many recognise how truly lucky they are for their kiddies and how brilliant they have been while getting accustomed to the 'New Norm'. Apologies, we never want to hear that phrase again either!

Now that they're all going back to school, it's important to understand that this, too, is another big change for our little ones. It's been a turbulent year, and now things are getting back to some kind of normality it's essential we make these transitions as comfortable for them as possible. Have a look through our 5 quick ways to make it as smooth, fun and warm as possible - with Warmies.

  1. Taking their friend for the ride 

So they've been at home for a lot of the year, and spent more time with you than usual - it’s only natural that they've become more accustomed to having you around than normal, and their siblings, too; especially now they’ve been at home for Summer. When it comes to getting back into the school routine, having a little bit of home to take in with them may be beneficial. Why not send them off to school with their Warmies Soft Toy in hand? 

  1. Give them the sleep they deserve 

A Hot Water Bottle is always a good idea, right? Especially now we're approaching the colder months. Did you know that body temperature is directly related to sleep? That’s right, keeping warm and cosy helps soothe us off into dreamland! Why not treat your kids to some extra warmth and comfort and help them get a great night’s sleep to aid them through the long days back at school?

  1. Soothe and relax 

One of the things that set us apart from the rest is the gentle scent of French Lavender - something known for its ability to relax us with a soothing and familiar smell. Giving your child their Warmies Soft Toy could help soothe them as they venture on their walk to school. Help their day go as smoothly as possible by starting it off calm and collected. 

  1. Taking a part of their home along on the journey 

Going from spending months at home to being back at school, and then coming home for the Summer again will have taken some transitioning. It may feel uneasy for them to be back in a classroom without any of the home comforts that they've been used to having around 24/7. We think it’s a great idea to take a little bit of home along - so why not pop their Warmies Soft Toy in their bag for them to give a quick snuggle on their way into class, or whilst they're on their break? It may just give them a little comfort that they need to see them through the day.

  1. Soothe those nervous tummy aches 

Nervous tummy aches really are a thing! Get your kiddies feeling tip-top on their first day back to school. Resting a heat pack on their tummy can help relax their muscles and soothe aches and pains that have arrived because of their first day jitters. Giving their Soft Toys a little squeeze will help them on their way.

We've crossed the T's and dotted the I's in the hope that we can assist you where you need a helping hand. We hope we’ve provided our community of Mums and Dads with some ideas to make the first few weeks back to school as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Good luck to all the youngsters and parents alike, stay warm!