6 Reasons why your Child Needs a Warmies® Soft Toy

Here's 6 reasons why...


So we just got back from our summer holiday cottage. While unpacking, my daughter was horrified to discover that she had forgotten ‘Bunbun,’ her favourite Warmies rabbit. She has several stuffed animals of all shapes and sizes but for some reason leaving Bunbun left her quite distraught. This normally precocious and mature 12-year old cried real tears.

Surprised by her unusually emotional reaction, I wondered if perhaps there was something different about Bunbun. I did some digging and discovered that indeed not all soft toys are created equal. As such, they do not carry the same place in a child’s heart. Psychologists have done prolific research on the science of stuffed animals or ‘transitional objects.’ Evidently, this specialised genre of toys is much more than a plaything.

These beloved beings provide stability, relieve stress, and help regulate complex emotions. They act as a constant companion and a witness to the child’s life; deftly woven as a central character into the tapestry of their childhood narrative. Think of Peter’s Winnie the Pooh or Calvin and Hobbes.  But what makes one soft toy different from another? Scholars have demonstrated certain distinct characteristics that make a particular stuffed animal ‘stickier’ or more loveable.

Here are 6 features that make our Warmies collection the Lamborghini of soft toys for kids:                      

1) We start early.-From infancy, children attach to transitional objects for comfort. This teaches baby the important skill of self-soothing when Mum or Dad is not present. A child who can self-soothe learns to emotionally regulate and put themselves to sleep without direct intervention from a caregiver. Our My First Warmies newborn range is the best in class as these are specifically designed for infants. They are made with the softest fabrics and silky satin details while providing a tactile feel your child is sure to love.Tailored to welcome your little one to the world, they seamlessly provide your baby with reassurance, familiarity, and comfort.

2) We are committed. The workmanship and versatility of Warmies toys express our desire to be your child’s loyal companion. Warmies are not flimsy or disposable, wearing out after a short while. We are here for the long haul. Our products have passed myriads of tests and stringent international regulations guaranteeing unbeatable quality. No more having a teddy with a glass eye hanging out or a torn belly button. Warmies are durable, easy to clean, and skilfully designed to withstand years of constant use.

3) We are practical. Warmies provide so much more than playtime for your beloved little one. No matter the season or milestone, their Warmies toy is always there to help make them comfortable.  Warmies keep the kids cool during summer and provide soothing warmth on cold winter nights. Plus the aromatherapy from a French lavender interior gives a familiar sensory pleasure. No wonder kids around the world are smitten with their Warmies soft toys!  Kids can depend on their Warmies toy for support when traveling, relocating, starting school, missing school, recuperating - or even the emotional transition of getting a new sibling!

  Scientists regularly find that so-called “transitional objects” like teddy bears help children handle emotions and limit stress.

4) Unparalleled safety. No-one cares for your child as much as you do, but we at Intelex group come pretty close. Our warming toys are the result of years of research and painstaking perfectionism. Since 1995 we have been obsessed with making sure this product functions optimally while adhering to the highest standards. An entire generation of kids have enjoyed untold hours of safe fun, no parental controls needed. With Warmies kids freely engage their imagination, create fantasy worlds, indulge in vital role play and emotional modelling with or without siblings. No need to worry about micromanaging their input as you would with a gadget or even some storybooks! With Warmies you know they are enjoying healthy, upbuilding play.

5) More than a toy – a friend. My daughter made me add this. She insisted I call it a friend because kids “ anthroponise” their toys - she had me look up the word and include it. Children endow certain special toys with human characteristics. Long before they can journal they entrust their secrets to their favourite toy, communicating personal ideas and defining the world around them. Warmies soft toys teach children how to arbitrate, negotiate, and help them work through trauma.  Whether apportioning affection fairly through hugs or playing together, kids also learn to share. They learn empathy, social skills, and even language. The uniquely adorable Warmies range helps kids recognise and sound out words like bear, dog, llama, elephant. Throughout childhood, children love to share their emotions and confide in their silent, dependable Warmies friend.

6) Cuteness rivalled only by the cuteness of your baby. Our Warmies soft toys are adorable by design, evoking deep feelings of attachment that bring joy to your child. Studies have shown that children view each stuffed animal as having a distinct ‘essence’ or unique personality. They love Warmies’ rounded features, soft fur, chubby cheeks and huggability. Warmies are gently weighted, helping to calm and ground your child. Our collection inspires empathy in your little ones, inspiring their protective instinct towards smaller creatures. The child becomes a caregiver and feels responsible for their tiny friend. Hence the tears as my daughter mourned her beloved rabbit. Far from anonymous objects, these toys take on reciprocal roles that add richness and meaning to our children’s worldview. Our Warmies collection is sure to provide a wonderful addition to the happy memories of childhood. Shop our newest arrivals today and give your child even more reasons for joy!