Beat the Heat with Warmies® this Summer

In the cooler months how we long for the warm, carefree days of summer!  We yearn to throw off our heavy winter togs and get out in the beautiful sunshine, surrounded by lush greenery.  Until the heatwave begins. The muggy, oppressive heat bears down on you, and as you stew in the uncomfortable humidity, you cannot wait for these days to pass.

Those who have experienced a heatwave can tell you that heat stress is much more than just a nuisance.  In fact, heat stress ranges from a mild heat rash to a fatal heatstroke. In the U.S. alone, over 600 people die each year from heatstroke.  Remarkably, temperatures need not be boiling hot to result in heat stress. According to Dr. David Mercola, heat stress can affect humans and pets even when the temperature is as low as 13.8 degrees Celsius. (57 degrees F.)

Since heatwaves are so serious, what else can you possibly do to keep cool? You may feel that you have tried everything. Here are five reminders to help you cope this summer.

  • Intelligent hydration. Drink before you feel thirsty. To help you cool down optimally, boost your body’s absorption of the water you drink. One suggestion is to add a tiny pinch of Himalayan pink salt or good quality sea salt to your water. This turns your ordinary water into an electrolyte drink, packed with minerals and salts that rehydrate you on a cellular level. Simple electrolyte drinks include lemon water, water kefir, and coconut water. Avoid ice-cold drinks, as these may trigger your internal thermostat to raise your body temperature. Avoid sugary drinks as these can spike your insulin. Drink a glass of water every hour in the daytime.
  • Cooling Indoor Hacks. Some families swear by the ‘wet sheet’ treatment. They hang a wet sheet in front of the window to bring the temperature down. One lady places her bedsheets (in a bag) in the freezer to cool them just before she sleeps. Others place a basin of ice-water in front of the fan. One lady puts cold water in her hot water bottle, places it in the freezer, and uses it as an ice-pack. You really don’t have to do all this - our products are much easier to use, with no mess! Just place your signature Warmies product in a grip seal plastic bag, pop it in the freezer for two hours and use. Our coolable paks, bottles, and soft toys safely reduce temperature and help ease discomfort from heat stress.
  • Power saving. Appliances emit heat, so switch off all lights and gadgets that you are not using. Keep the heat outside by closing your curtains or blinds in the daytime. You could even put aluminum foil on cardboard that fits your window in areas where you spend most of your time. Place these against the glass on the interior window to reflect the heat outwards. Avoid being outside at noon. Instead, schedule outdoor activities for the early morning sun to get your vitamin D. The evening is also ideal to sit in a shaded area (with your cool drink) in your garden. If you have to work outdoors, start slow to get acclimated to the heat. Do not push through signs of discomfort.
  • Rest frequently. It may take up to two weeks to acclimate to the heat, so allow yourself to rest frequently for your body to cool down. If you feel dizzy, lightheaded, or any other signs of heat stress, lie down for 15 minutes every hour to stabilize your core temperature. For this, we recommend our soothing eye masks. Fully coolable, and perfect for lying down in a dark room under the fan. These plush therapeutic grade eye masks are soft enough to mold around the contours of your head. The high-quality fabric provides hours of comfort and cooling when you get in from a hot, humid day. One customer especially loves using hers to alleviate her frequent summer headaches.
  • Eat light and cool down. Eat whole fruit frequently or blend it into smoothies with ice. Swap heavy foods for light, healthy summer salads. Make time for meal prep to ensure healthy choices that do not overload your digestive system. Swimming, spraying cold water on yourself, cool baths and showers also help. However, avoid cooling yourself or anyone else to the point of shivering. Lastly, humans are not the only ones susceptible to heatstroke; keep your pets indoors during the hottest part of the day, and always monitor their hydration levels.

 Summer heatwaves can range from a simple inconvenience to a life-threatening phenomenon. Apply these five strategies to keep your home and your body cool. Remember, Warmies offer easy cooling solutions that last for years! Our versatile, soothing range of products is loved by thousands of happy customers around the world. In fact, we even landed on Oprah’s favorite things list! Try us today - beat the heat with intelligent hydration, Intelex eye masks, or cooling pads along with your favorite Warmies plushie.