Fit for Royalty: Fun and Creative Ideas for Celebrating the Bank Holiday Weekend and the Coronation of King Charles III

With the upcoming bank holiday for the Coronation of King Charles III, we wanted to share some fun and creative ideas for your family to celebrate the weekend like a king (or queen).

Firstly, let's talk about games fit for royalty! The royal family is known to enjoy a game of croquet, a traditional English lawn game that requires mallets and balls. If you have a garden or a park nearby, why not set up a mini croquet course and challenge your family to a game? It's a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the spring weather.

A little girl playing croquet, a traditional English lawn game that requires mallets and balls

Another game that is popular with the royal family is a game of charades. This classic game involves acting out a word or phrase without speaking, and your family members have to guess what it is. To give it a royal twist, you could choose themes related to King Charles III and his Coronation or other historical events surrounding the monarchy.

If indoor activities are more your thing, then why not try some arts and crafts? Your children could make their own crown or tiara using paper, glitter, and stickers. They could even decorate a sceptre or create their own coat of arms.

Children making their own crown and tiara

For those who love baking, why not create a Coronation-inspired treat? A classic British cake, such as a Victoria sponge or a fruitcake, would be perfect for the occasion. You could also decorate it with edible gold or silver to give it a royal touch. If you want to get even more creative, you could make your own version of the Coronation crown using fondant or icing sugar.

Why not take a moment to reflect on the importance of the Coronation and the role of the monarchy in British history? You could read a book or watch a documentary about the coronation and discuss it with your family. It's a great way to learn more about the traditions and customs that have shaped the monarchy over the years.

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We hope that these ideas have inspired you to celebrate the bank holiday for the Coronation of King Charles III in a fun and creative way. Whether you're playing croquet, baking a cake, or learning more about British history, we wish you a wonderful and royal bank holiday weekend.

Little girl with Warmies Marshmallow Bear

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