5 ways lavender can help banish those January Blues

January can be understandably gloomy for many of us. Whether you’re getting over the Christmas Blues, struggling to settle back into work, trying to get back into your fitness routine after the festive indulgence or just getting fed up with the dark mornings, evenings and cold weather – we understand. At Warmies, we are making it our mission to prioritise wellbeing and advocate putting yourself first. This can look different for everyone – but whether that means setting aside five minutes to read a few pages of your favourite book, or five hours to completely declutter your bedroom – we are here to hold your hand as you step into self-care and make sure you have your favourite Warmies product by your side.

Here are five ways to beat those January Blues with the help of your favourite heatable must-haves!

    1. January is often a period of time that many of us resonate with being a little short of money. We’ve all just spent a few pennies too many on gifts and activities over the festive period and the long hard slog after getting paid early means we’ve probably all tightened our belts a little more than usual. This can leave us feeling particularly stressed through these never-ending gloomy weeks and in need of some downtime. Lavender is widely known for its calming properties and is used to relax people all over the world. From reducing our heart rates and breathing rhythms, along with other bodily processes associated with anxiety, lavender really is a miracle worker and the perfect thing to help banish those January blues.
    2. Settling back into the work routine after time off over the festive season seems to get harder every year, don’t you think? After a wonderful break, it can be a struggle for many of us to get used to 8+ hours of work each day without nodding off at our desks, so a good night’s sleep is essential. Whilst lavender is commonly known for its calming benefits, did you know that it’s also scientifically proven to make you actually sleep better, too? Lavender works by relaxing the central nervous system which actively promotes deeper and longer sleep.
    3. When you think of January, what immediately springs to mind? For us, one of the first things is an inevitable kickstart to our fitness routine after all of the festive indulgences. With gyms being so busy, we’re thinking it may not be just us trying to get back into it! Lavender relieves pain and inflammation which makes it a must-have for those achy muscles after all of the exercise, helping you stick to it.
    4. The cold, windy weather throughout the colder months can take a toll on our skin. Hand cream is essential for us every time we leave the house all winter long, but the use of lavender is also high on our list of priorities too! Did you know that lavender can help reduce inflammation, lessen redness and also has antiseptic properties? With 1 in 10 people said to be affected by eczema in their lifetime, this is a benefit from lavender that we don’t think is shouted about enough!
    5. It’s no secret that January is a month that leaves most of us feeling down. Unsurprisingly, it hosts the grumpiest day of the year, more commonly known as Blue Monday. We’re pretty sure that most people wouldn’t turn down a little mood-booster, especially during the gloomy weeks of January! Did you know that our sense of smell is the strongest of our five senses and that 75% of our emotions are triggered by smell? Alongside its calming benefits, lavender has an uplifting effect on mood, meaning it can help us feel joy and happiness too! In fact, studies show that people who smelt floral scents actually felt up to 3 times the number of happy thoughts compared to those who didn’t.

Lavender is a miracle worker in more ways than one and hopefully you’ve found some helpful takeaways in reading this. All heatable Warmies products are filled with French lavender sourced from Provence, helping you feel calm, get a restful night’s sleep and soothe aches and pains, too. From being a natural mood-booster to soothing inflamed skin, lavender really is worth adding to your routine – step into self-care with Warmies this January.