Luxury just got a whole new meaning

We’re super excited to let you all in on a little secret that we’ve been keeping, and today is the day to do just that. Over the past year, our Design and Production Teams have been hard at work creating some beautiful new ranges and furry friends alike, to add to our ever-growing collection. Now’s the time to proudly introduce you to the newest members of the Warmies Family. Sit back, relax, and allow us to show you the new items that have just been dropped in the Warmies® 2021 product launch!

We’ve got SIX show-stopping collections to share with you, all available to pre-order online now. But rather than overwhelm you, we thought we’d show you one collection at a time why these new designs are something you won’t want to miss.

You’ve asked, and we’ve listened. Allow us to introduce to you, the NEW Warmies® Luxury Range.

Warmies® Luxury Boots

Warmies® Luxury Boots

Just when we thought our boots couldn’t get any better, we created the Luxury Boots; here to take you to new heights of comfort. Still gently scented with French Lavender but lined with an even softer, even more luxurious fabric; thoughtfully sourced with your comfort in mind.

Warmies® Luxury Bottles

Warmies® Luxury Bottles

Have you decided that now’s the time to invest in self-care? Or are you simply looking for the perfect gift? Look no further. Our all-new Luxury Bottle is the answer. Filled with grain and French Lavender, offering all the calming, soothing benefits of all other Warmies® products; with the finest of fabrics. 

Warmies® Luxury Neck Wraps

Warmies® Luxury Neck Wraps

Neck wraps are back and better than ever. Our new Luxury Neck Wraps offer all that they did before; soothing warmth and comfort, all of the calming benefits of French Lavender, and a newly sourced fabric to rival all other luxury ranges. Treat yourself to the comfort you deserve. 

Warmies® Luxury Slippers

Warmies® Luxury Slippers

Slippers are a thing of the past – microwavable slippers are here to stay. Warmies Slippers are made from the highest quality materials and offer endless hours of soothing warmth and comfort with our signature lavender scent, in three attractive colours. Treat your feet to the quality they deserve and keep your toes cosy on those cold evenings and frosty mornings.


Here’s four reasons you’ll want to be the first to get your hands on the Warmies® Luxury products…


  1. Newly sourced fabric makes for the softest touch that Warmies® has ever seen. This faux-fur fabric takes luxury to new heights and is sure to bring nothing but pure comfort to every lazy day and self-care evening. A relaxing night in has never looked or felt better.


  1. As always, the Warmies® signature faux-fur falls in line with our ethics as a company. Each product in the Luxury Range offers the highest quality material imaginable, ensuring you get the comfort you deserve; guilt-free. Softer than ever, more luxurious than before; Warmies®are here to give you the gift of comfort.


  1. The full Luxury Range is offered in three carefully selected attractive colour-ways. Allow us to introduce you to the Latte, Steel Grey and Charcoal fabrics that make up what we think is one of our best collections to date. These products are sure to make your Instagram just as aesthetically pleasing as you’d hoped; we’re here to ensure that comfort doesn’t sacrifice beauty.


  1. The newly created packaging is sleek in design, making these products perfect for selling in shops if you’re one of our treasured Retailers. They are also made from recyclable materials; making them eco-friendly as well as customer-friendly.


  1. The perfect gift. Need we say anymore? If just looking at these products isn’t enough; the feel of the fabric will seal the deal. With Boots, Bottles, Neck Wraps and Slippers to choose from, we’re here to provide you with the perfect solution to every Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Congratulations and every in-between gift you could wish for. If you’re looking for a treat to show someone how much you care; look no further.


Browse the Warmies® Luxury Range now, and join the relaxation revolution.