Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day for some, is a magical time of year, with loved-up couples shouting their affections from the rooftops; for others, it’s a little gloomy; and for the rest, it’s just another day. We want to make Valentine’s Day special, no matter your local government restrictions, bank balance or relationship status. We’re here to warm up your February – and the rest of the year too! Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the lovers.


We’re on a mission to make Valentine’s Day special for EVERYONE!


For the LOVERS

We’ll start with the obvious – after all Valentine’s Day single-handedly takes on the role of the day of love for all of you loved-up couples out there. It’s a day to show your appreciation for all the little things that your other half does for you year-round; so, what better than treating your soul mate to the luxury of relaxation? There’s nothing better than knowing that your partner understands and appreciates everything you do for them. Let them know that they deserve to relax after all they do and treat them to something from our Therapy Range today – it’s the perfect gift for some well-deserved R&R.


We’ve all been on a turbulent journey over the last year, none more so than the little ones around us. They’ve adapted to change incredibly well, alongside the constant adjustments to school life and spending time with their friends and family. It’s a lot for any of us to understand; let alone for our children. Treat them to the gift of a warm hug this Valentine’s Day, especially whilst they may be watching you get showered with all the red roses your heart desires! Our Warm Hugs range offers the perfect treat to show them how much you love them!

For the FAMILY

We’ve all been affected by the pandemic one way or another, and for most, one of the worst parts is missing out on time with our family and friends. Lots of us have loved ones that are shielding or simply don’t feel safe leaving the house. Now is a better time than ever to remind them of how much you love them. Make them feel the love in abundance on a day that can make you feel lonelier than ever. Why not browse our Soft Toy collection to give the gift of a lockdown buddy, alongside guaranteed comfort and warmth for as long as their heart desires?


Single and counting down the days until the dreaded Valentine’s Day is over? Stop! Make 2021 the year of self-love and show yourself some gratitude for making it through the rollercoaster of the last year; with a gift from you to you. We’ve never been in a time with a more ‘treat yourself’ attitude than now; take advantage! Are you working from home and struggling with icy toes under your makeshift desk? Treat yourself to our Slippers – microwavable and filled with French Lavender; they’ll never let you down.


Maybe our best friends are our soul mates. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, sorry we meant GALentine’s Day (it’s a real thing, we promise), than to make them your Galentine? You’ve missed out on ample Bottomless Brunches and night’s out with your team over the last year, and now it’s more important than ever to check in on your besties! Why not check out our Hot Water Bottles – a quick win to bring back their grin this February.

We hope we’ve shown you that Valentine’s Day isn’t something to fear, and can be enjoyed by all. Whether it’s your other half, your best friend or yourself that you’re crowning your Valentine this year; be sure to get the perfect gift. Your searching can stop here – make your day filled with love and warmth.


Happy Valentine’s Day,

Stay Warm!


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