Snuggles and Success: Warmies Continue to Shine with More Award-Winning Products

At Warmies, we believe in creating exceptional products that bring joy and comfort to children and adults around the world. Today, we are thrilled to announce that our range of Warmies Soft Toys have received the prestigious accreditation stamp from the renowned Good Play Guide. This recognition is a testament to our commitment in providing high-quality products that capture children's imaginations and facilitate their growth and development. Additionally, we are delighted to share that Warmies Soft Toys have been recognised as a Gold Winner in the Best Classic Play Toys category for the Baby & Pre-School Awards 2023, along with receiving a Highly Commended honour in the Best Early Years Sleep category. 




Good Play Guide Accreditation:

The Good Play Guide is a trusted organisation that rigorously tests and assesses toys to determine their quality, safety, and developmental benefits. We are incredibly proud that Warmies Soft Toys have met their stringent criteria and have been awarded their prestigious accreditation stamp. This accolade showcases our unwavering dedication to creating products that not only bring joy to children and adults but also contribute to their overall well-being. 




Gold Winner in the Best Classic Play Toys Category:

The Baby & Pre-School Awards 2023, has bestowed upon Warmies Soft Toys the Gold Winner title in the Best Classic Play Toys category. This recognition solidifies our position as a leading brand that consistently delivers timeless soft toys that provide soothing warmth, weighted comfort, and a calming aroma to help relieve stress and anxiety.

“We love the Warmies selection! There really is a character for all members of the family – not just the youngest! It’s also brilliant that it doubles as a warming product, plus it smells so lovely and fresh. We would certainly recommend.” - Tester from the Baby & Pre-School Awards.

Highly Commended in the Best Early Years Sleep Category:

We are thrilled to also announce that Warmies Soft Toys have received the Highly Commended honour in the Best Early Years Sleep category at the Baby & Pre-School Awards 2023. This recognition reinforces our commitment to providing products that contribute to a peaceful sleep for children. We understand the importance of quality sleep for people's overall well-being and are proud to have developed soft toys that promote a comforting and calming sleep environment.

The recent accolades received from both the Good Play Guide and the Baby & Pre-School Awards 2023 highlight our dedication to creating exceptional products for both children and adults alike. We are honoured to have been recognised for the positive impact our products have on people's lives. As always, we extend our gratitude to all our customers for their continuous support.

Warm hugs,
The Warmies Team