The Incredible Benefits of Heat Therapy

At Warmies®, comfort isn't just a concept – it's a way of life. Our creations merge the science of heat therapy with the art of relaxation. From restless nights to stubborn discomfort, Warmies® are your best friend when it comes to relief and rejuvenation.

Aches and Pains
Whether it's muscle aches from a hectic day or those post-workout woes, Warmies® microwavable neck wraps are your go to. Crafted from luxurious fabric, Warmies® Neck Wraps offer a blend of style and comfort. But the real marvel lies in their ability to target specific areas of discomfort. Heat therapy is known to accelerate recovery and healing, so pop them in the microwave and place over your weary muscles, you’ll soon be back on track.

Arthritis and Joint Pain
There are countless benefits of heat therapy, however one of the most common is its ability to treat arthritis and joint pain. Research has shown that endorphins are released during heat therapy, which helps to block pain signals sent to the brain…sounds great, right?

The Solution: Warmies® Luxury Neck Wraps

Warmies® Luxury Neck Wraps

Restless Nights
Tired of tossing and turning, longing for a peaceful slumber? Warmies® microwavable soft toys hold the key. These delightful companions, available in hundreds of characters and colours, go beyond cuddles. Warmies® microwavable soft toys are weighted with French Lavender and grains, which help to soothe anxiety. However, their ability to be microwaved means these plushies will relax anyone with their cosy heat therapy. Say farewell to sleepless nights, courtesy of your snuggly microwavable ally.

The Solution: Warmies® Soft Toys

Warmies® Luxury Bottle

Conquering Period Pains
The benefits of heat therapy during your period are incredible. Warmies® microwavable bottles are designed to be your companions through those tough days. With their beautiful and contemporary design as well as their calming touch of French Lavender, these bottles soothe cramps and help you to feel a lot more comfortable. With just 90 seconds in the microwave, you can enjoy their heated and weighted benefits for hours at a time.

The Solution: Warmies® Luxury Bottle

Warmies Pineapple

If you or someone you know is looking to ease pain or get help drifting off to sleep, Warmies are for you. Cosy up to the world of heat therapy and let Warmies do the hard work.