The Mother’s Day Gift Guide

There is finally light at the end of this gloomy tunnel that we’ve been hibernating in since last March; the buds are beginning to bloom; the sun is shining for longer each day and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Spring has nearly sprung, and we’re happy about it. With all this positivity in the air, we want to help you on your way to finding that perfect gift to show your Mum, or Mother-figure in your life, just how much you appreciate her.

We have some ideas of how you can treat your Mum this year, whilst helping her through the final stretch of Lockdown with a warm and cosy hug. Whether it’s a furry friend in the name of a Warmies® Soft Toy to carry her through the last slog, a pair of Slippers to rest her tired, achy feet, or the fabulous Extra Long Hot Water Bottle to hold on to and keep her warm until you see her next; we’ve got it all. It’s our mission to keep families connected until they meet again.

Looking for rest, relaxation and recuperation? You’re in the right place – read on to find the perfect gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day.


The Extra Long Hot Water Bottle is the perfect gift!

 Warmies® Extra Long Hot Water Bottle

All the benefits of a Long Hot Water bottle, but extra special. Our Extra Long Hot Water Bottle is the must-have for anyone who struggles getting warm, staying warm or enjoys a cuddle. Hey, let’s face it; it’s the perfect gift full stop! Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day to the gift of dreams. We're here to help keep you cosy - aiding in relaxation, a better night’s sleep and the ideal addition to every night in; and we all know we’re having a lot of those at the moment! Give her the gift of a warm hug to tide her over until she sees you next.


Have you seen our latest launch, the Supersized Handwarmer?

 Warmies® Supersized Handwarmer

This new, truly luxurious, innovative design allows for your comfort to reach new heights. With a removable heat pack, our Supersized Handwarmer creates the serenity you’ve been searching for, at an affordable price. Scented with our signature French Lavender, the handwarmer offers aromatic relaxation, whilst keeping your hands cosy and simultaneously soothing aches and pains from the day. This is the perfect gift if your Mum is constantly on the go, gardening and cleaning on top of other daily activities can make for aching hands; and herein lies the solution.


Our reheatable Slippers are the way to go!

 Warmies® Slippers

The idyllic Mother’s Day gift for all Mums, everywhere! Our Slippers have two key factors that make them the perfect gift; they’re limitlessly reheatable – simply place them in the microwave for 90 seconds and let us do the rest. They’re also gently scented with French Lavender sourced from Provence, offering all the benefits of aromatherapy, for the fraction of the price! Treat your Mum to the best gift around this March; she deserves it more than ever before.


Treat her to a cosy friend of her own, a Warmies Soft Toy!

 Warmies® Soft Toys

Everyone has missed out on well-needed human interaction for the past year, and there’s not much longer until we can all be reunited. But until then, why not treat your Mum to a furry friend to keep her company until that time comes? Filled with lavender and grain, our signature scent offers comfort and relaxation and helps relieve us from those everyday stresses that we carry with us. Our ever-growing collection of Soft Toys are a lovely addition to any home; and the perfect partner for any nap, anytime, anywhere.


Join the Warmies Family and treat your amazing Mum to the gift that keeps on giving this Mother’s Day.


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