The science behind the benefits of heat therapy


How can heat therapy help you in everyday life?

  1. Helps you heal

Heat therapy, essentially, repairs damaged tissues in your body – we know, it sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong… and here’s the science behind it… Heat promotes the blood flow, and with increased blood flow, more oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells are carried around the body; increasing the rate of healing injuries. * Adds Hot-Pak® to shopping cart.*

  1. Reduces pain caused by stiffness

Regular application of heat on an ache or pain caused by stiffness really can be beneficial. Lower back stiffness is something many can empathise with – especially those in physical jobs or occupations where you’re sat leant over at a desk for lengthy periods of time. Heat application helps by allowing the soft tissues and muscles to stretch, relieving the stiffness. 

  1. Aids relaxation

Heat therapy really is a perfect way to reduce stress and anxieties and boost relaxation in our everyday lives. Heat application allows our muscles to relax and is proven to boost our mood – as indicated by cortisol levels in the blood. Pair this with the wondrous relaxation benefits of lavender, and you’ve found yourself the perfect way to relax; another reason Warmies® should be part of your everyday routine!

  1. Helps calm muscle spasms

As we know, heat increases blood circulation, but it also increases the elasticity of the connective tissues in our joints. Because of this, heat will allow any spasms to relax. It is however, important to be mindful of your injuries. If your injury is swollen, the best port of call would be a cold therapy, in this case your Warmies® product can be placed in a freezer bag and left in the freezer for a few hours – ready to be used as a cold compress. 

  1. Better sleep

Heat therapy is a great way to help you easily drift off to sleep due to its relaxation benefits. Pair that with the ability for heat to soothe muscle spasms including menstrual pains, which may be stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep, this could be the thing to try if you’re struggling getting in your 8 hours each night.

Basically, heat really can work wonders, whether it’s on your aches and pains or your stresses and anxieties. We really thought it through when coming up with the perfected Warmies® filling; and the mixture of the benefits of lavender, heat and weight can completely transform lives. Try Warmies® today, you’ll never look back.