Working Parents, we salute you!

Being a parent is hard enough, but trying to find a balance between mum-life and working-life is a never-ending challenge. As a mum, or dad, your days are non-stop. The weeks roll into months and months into years. You're battling with bedtime routines, e-mails, packed lunches, deadlines, a continuous cycle of washing (seriously, when will it ever end?), and to top this off; the feeling of mum guilt is a perpetual emotion that weighs you down day-in, day-out. Sound familiar? It may often feel like it, but you aren't alone! To the people balancing parenting and working-life, you are invincible, and to your little ones; you're their superhero. So even if it doesn't feel like it at times, you're managing to make your hectic days look effortless - we're here to make them feel effortless, too.


Warmies present 7 simple parenting hacks to help you on your way to calmer days and easier morning routines


1. Keeping them occupied with Warmies when WFH

It's been an odd year, and you're probably as fed up reading it as we are writing it, so we'll skip that part. But since many of you working parents have swapped your spare bedroom for your new home office; you've probably had the dreaded interruption from your little 'angels' during an important video call with your manager. You know the famous BBC News interview? A little like that. Keeping them occupied really is the only solution if childcare isn't an option - something that's been an incredibly prominent dilemma during 2020. So finding a distraction, a safe distraction at that, is the way to go to keep them from taking centre stage during the office catch ups! Why not treat them to something from the Warmies plush range? It's not just a microwavable cuddly toy, it could just be the perfect addition to their dolly's tea party, too!


2. Find time to relax as a family

As a working professional, it's only natural that you can be found replying to e-mails way past 5.30 pm, but knowing when to switch off really is key. Why not make a vow that every Friday you'll finish on the dot of your finish time? Even if this means working through your lunch break to make sure everything is done in time, the look on your kiddies faces when you tell them you're finishing early will be well worth the graft. Why not make a den or have a movie marathon with your favourite little humans and keep your Warmies Hot Water Bottles close for that extra bit of comfort?


3. Better naps = better days

Not being able to get your little ones down for a nap is beyond frustrating when you know they are simply fighting sleep because they don't want to miss out on the fun. You've got a list longer than your arm of chores and work-related tasks to complete, and meanwhile, your kids are simply wreaking havoc because they’re suffering from FOMO. Why not treat them to something from our Warm Hugs range? Everything we create is gently scented with French Lavender sourced from Provence - the perfect thing to soothe them to sleep when you need to get on with your list of pressing responsibilities.


4. Let go of the #mumguilt

Mum Guilt is a real thing. Especially when you're a working parent and feel like you're being penalised by everyone around you for heading back to work after having your baby. It's time to strip the stigma around working mums! Let go of the Mum Guilt and remind yourself of the positives that you bring to them by being you. By heading out to the office, you're ensuring that your children have a roof over their heads, get a hot meal at night, new shoes when their little feet outgrow their old ones, playdates with their besties, and more. Sit back and relax with Warmies Therapy and let go of the guilt - you're doing what you can to make life perfect.


5. Swap the chores for a fun game

Tidying those toys away at the end of a busy day can seem like a task and a half. Don't let it. Parenting hack: make it into a game. Tell your kids that they have ten minutes to make sure all their toys are in the right box, and the box is packed away neatly. The winner gets to choose the bedtime story, too - what an incentive! Hey, it saves you a job and it keeps them occupied, and the ten-minute timeline means they'll be wearing themselves out as well. It's a positive from every angle - try it out and let us know how it goes. Make sure they don't pack their Warmies Soft Toys away, though; they'll need them when they're heading off to dreamland.


6. Make the bedtime routine easier

French Lavender fills each and every one of our products here at Warmies. It's a plant said to soothe and relax, which means it's the perfect addition to the night time and morning routines. A better night’s sleep means they will wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead (bonus, you get more time for yourself, too). Make bedtime calmer and smoother with Warmies; check out the full Warmies range and treat your household to the night’s sleep you all deserve.


7. You need to switch off too

As parents, you often forget that you matter too. It's easy to spend the day running around after your children and become so tired that you forget to ever take any time for yourself. To be the best version of yourself, you need to take care of yourself too. Run a hot bath, read a book, watch your favourite TV show without interruption, and you'll find that you're almost instantly happier. It's important to keep your spark alive - treat yourself to a night in for one with the Warmies microwavable Boots and Eye Mask - perfect for relieving aches and pains, relaxing stresses and anxieties, and soothing you to sleep when your brain is running on overdrive.


Keep doing what you're doing; it doesn't go unnoticed. Parenting is the hardest job you'll ever do - so doubling your workload is something to be proud of. Banish the mum guilt and take time for yourself while making the morning and evening routines effortless. Be sure to keep us in the loop with all your Warmies antics using #warmies in all your posts to social media.


Stay Warm,

Amelia & The Warmies Team