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We're welcoming new Trade accounts on board!

If you are a gift shop, garden centre, department store, retailer, pharmacy, fashion store or a retailer, we'd love to welcome you as one of Warmies' Trade accounts.

Furthermore, you can also place orders now via one of our Sales Representatives available across the country.

Register today using our website to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access our Trade prices
  • Buy in bulk and achieve great margins
  • Access our super fast order upload
  • View past orders
  • See the margins you can earn when you sell at our Recommended Retail Price

Registration is quick and easy! Simply complete the online trade registration form below. Once your trade account application is approved, your email and contact information is used to login to the trade site. You will receive confirmation of your account within two business days.

Note: This form is for Retailers/Business Owners only.

We are generally approving new trade accounts within three working days or faster and once your account is approved we will provide you with your username and password so you can get shopping as fast as possible.

Trade Account Guidelines

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